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Vehicle Graphics - Your Rolling Billboard.

Vehicle graphics are a great way for service companies and delivery companies to get great exposure for their products or services. If your company delivers or does work on site for clients, you really need to be taking advantage of the exposure vehicle graphics provide.

Everywhere you park is a testimonial:

People assume that if their neighbor hired you, then you should be working for them as well.
"I get walk over business almost every time I'm doing a job" -- The Sprinkler Guy
"Best advertising Ever!" - Floors by Derek

Guerrilla Marketing:

Want to make sure an area knows your business exists? Park your rolling billboard there. If you're parked there you a obviously doing business in the area and working for people in that area. This is a Very inexpensive way (parking meter cheap) to get the word out.

Maximum exposure:

The effectiveness of a car wrap or vehicle wrap is an unparalleled marketing impact. Did you know that over 90% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks? Metro trucks are seen by 14 million sets of eyes each year! (Source: American Trucking Association) Mobile Billboard companies charge thousands per day to drive a billboard around. You can get similar exposure every time you drive your vehicle… for a Lot less.

Cost effective:

You can be advertising your business everywhere your vehicle goes for about the same price as a 1/2 page ad in a local paper. The ad will be gone by the end of the month - your vehicle graphics will last for years. We can design graphics for any budget. Every time your work truck or delivery vehicle hits the road - you're advertising your company.

Prestige Branding:

People, outside the industry, assume that only the biggest companies can afford to have vehicle graphics. So if you have them, you Must be a big company. Also, many small businesses will spend the same money having ugly graphics with way too many words put on their vehicles. If your going to invest in vehicle graphics hire a designer to make them look Great!  Vinyl costs the same per square foot if it looks hideous or it looks like a million bucks.

Bottom Line:

"Damn - I wish I'd listened to you years ago. I doubled my business when I finally did the graphics you wanted me to. Makes me sick to think about all the business I lost. "  -- We'll leave that quote anonymous.