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graphic design + photography + photo manipulation + art direction + print brokering + press checks


Listening is the most important skill a designer ever learns.


Design Philosophy

In 25 years I've learned that Marketing & Design are two sides of the same coin. "Who is our target market and what do they want to see?" The answer to this defines every successful design project. I've created trade show graphics for IBM and designed the last official Grateful Dead T-shirt. Trust me,  design styles are not interchangeable. 

The key ingredient to creating Really great design is knowing who Your market is and then creating design that excites them. 

The Design Process

1) Everything starts with "how does this make you money?"
2) Then we'll get into who your target market is and what they like.
3) Once we know the answers to these questions we move on to sketching out rough ideas.
4) Copy - what are we going to say? We can help with this.
5) Then we move on to more refined layouts in Photoshop. Collaboration is Always welcomed!
6) Then we'll move onto photography. Wether you need stock or a photo shoot we've got you covered.
7) Review: At this stage we'll start showing you "finished" product. Spend some time showing it to everyone you can and making sure everybody loves it.
8) Changes: Changes are inevitable. Let's get it right before it goes to press!
9) Final review: Take time to make sure everything is perfect. 
Off to the printer: While all of the above is going on we've gotten all the specifications from the printer and they know we'll be sending them exactly what they need. For 25 years

This has been on everything I've ever sent to a printer. "IF this isn't perfect in every way - call Eric at 303-417-1855 and I'll fix it immediately."
Printers love me, because I make their lives easy and make them look good.

Press Checks: If your catalog or brochure has critical color requirements we'll be there on press making sure it prints exactly they way it should. 

Design Services

• Marketing
• Graphic Design
• Art Direction
• Photography
• Photomanipulation
• Illustration
• Copy Writing
• Prink Brokering
• Press Checks

These days everything printed is usually heading for the internet as well. It's expected and what we design for print we can execute on the web as well.